Sunday, 14 August 2016

How to Manage A Lolita Closet ♡

Hello, everyone!

For a long time I've actually loved seeing many cute things and designs, and because Lolita (for some people) is not only a fashion, it means that everyone actually can live it to the heart as a lifestyle! Throb

I'm sure that some of you are a beginner Lolita (like me), or cute things-lover that have a passion for kawaii things. For a beginner Lolita, managing a starter closet can gain a lot of effort, even for a non-Lolita! As a Lolita tends to search some inspirations from the Lolita senoritas, looking for ideas about how to manage our closet sounds good. Throb

For a starter guide, I've got you some inspirations from Google and make some conclusions, lol. xD

Here are some observations I've got, I'd start it from a room of a real Lolita, Misako Aoki. These are some captures of her room, but you can see a part of her closet as well. She changes the layout of her room several times, regularly I guess, but these pictures show us how Misako-chan manages her closet. Throb

Misako-chan prefers to hang up her lolita dresses because with this way she can keep her dresses sleek and well-organized. Throb

The other photos are picked up randomly by me from Google. These rooms and the closets are belong to cute girls out there. Prepare your eyes to look at more cuteness of pink closets! Throb

The key is, make everything visible! It's useful to help you choose and decide your coordinate better, so your overall fashion will be well coordinated. You can match your dress or jumper skirt with the matching socks, bag, wrist cuffs, and other accessories easily.  Love

You don't even need a very big space to manage a Lolita closet like those pictures above! You can maximize your space to keep your Lolita fashion stuff, included the accessories. Can you see how Misako-chan use her window to put her accessories on? It's useful as cute decoration too!  Love

Hang up your clothes is a bright idea to solve any problem of closet space. From those pictures I've found, these cute girls hang up their clothes. You can do it too.  Love

But can we apply that to a basic, non-Lolita clothes?

Of course, we can! Managing your closet is not that difficult, and yes, I'm talking about maximalize the small space too! Find out how to easily do it here, it's a guide for everyone:

You can find a lot of fun ideas here. (^ ^)

Hope it helps!

Have a nice day, everyone.

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