Sunday, 18 March 2018

Misako Aoki Pink Lips Recommendation 💓

Hi, it's Ichigosweet again here! 😊

Pink lips always look cute and sweet, right? That's why pink lips are suitable for Lolita fashion and the other cute yet sweet styles. 💓

Here is a mini tutorial and recommendation from Misako-chan about pink lips makeup and her recommendation products. 💓

You don't have to use the exact same products, of course. 😊 Because the point is pink lips makeup. 💓

Enjoy. 💓

Testing Post 💓


Well, this is just a testing post, lol. I've just downloaded a blog application that enables me to mobile posting. I'll see if it works well! 💓

So, untill next time then. 😊

Have a wonderful day! 💓

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Rainy Fall Season ( ^ ^ )

Hi there, everyone!

So, I guess it's more than a year since my last post, right? I hope all of you are doing well! (^_^)

Well, so...
I don't actually know what I'm gonna talk about in this post, lol. xD
It's just because I'm in my free time now, and I miss writing stuff in my dearest blog so much. (*^-^*)

But I don't have any topics or materials to write right now!

So, I guess I just wanna wish you a happy life and good luck. (^ ^)

Oh, by the way, it is the month of autumn, right? In the country I live, we don't have four seasons, so some of us haven't seen autumn in real life!

When we're talking about autumn, I bet most of us think about those dark colored-trees with golden leaves. Sometimes the wind blows them, and they fall to make a golden carpet. Or, even it's not only golden leaves but also red, yellow, dark green, and brown. All of them are beautiful!

I live in the country wherein this month, the rain falls almost every day, in the afternoon or in the evening. Sometimes it comes as a soft showering, and sometimes it rains hard! The wind blows so strong and you cannot go anywhere but stay in the room. xD

Somehow it's beautiful, right?
When the sun shines again and it finally appears from the clouds, you'll find it feels nice, right? :)
It doesn't feel so hot like usual, there's a bit of cool air in the scene. The smell of the wet soil is also nice. :)

Anyway, I hope it's okay for talking about the weathers. xD

Well, actually I'm a rain girl. :)
Especially, for a kind of rain that subtle and softly showering, when you'll think about grabbing a cup of hot chocolate, some warm food, and have a good stay watching TV or reading some books, or just doing your calming, indoor hobbies!

Have you heard the song by Kanon Wakeshima, Skip Turn Step?
It's not her new song, but actually, this song is one of my favorites! The song is about dancing in the rain. The lyrics, instruments, and the arrangements are also classically beautiful. :)

Although I'm saying that I'm a rain girl, I don't hesitate to go out and have fun under the sun! :D

We understand that a rainy season doesn't feel fine for some people, for example for people who prefer a non-rainy day because of their job. Well, it can be frustrating, though.

But let's hope and wish for the best in the rainy season, just as with the sunny days! Whatever it may happen, let's do our best. :)

By the way, what about pink autumn? ( * ^ - ^ *)
It's Ichigo Diary, anyway! (lol) xD

The pink-red leaves with pink buildings architecture, it's so lovely and romantic, isn't it? :)
And look at the beautiful swans!

So that is our talk today! (^_^)

Hope you have a wonderful day. :D

Sunday, 14 August 2016

How to Manage A Lolita Closet ♡

Hello, everyone!

For a long time I've actually loved seeing many cute things and designs, and because Lolita (for some people) is not only a fashion, it means that everyone actually can live it to the heart as a lifestyle! Throb

I'm sure that some of you are a beginner Lolita (like me), or cute things-lover that have a passion for kawaii things. For a beginner Lolita, managing a starter closet can gain a lot of effort, even for a non-Lolita! As a Lolita tends to search some inspirations from the Lolita senoritas, looking for ideas about how to manage our closet sounds good. Throb

For a starter guide, I've got you some inspirations from Google and make some conclusions, lol. xD

Here are some observations I've got, I'd start it from a room of a real Lolita, Misako Aoki. These are some captures of her room, but you can see a part of her closet as well. She changes the layout of her room several times, regularly I guess, but these pictures show us how Misako-chan manages her closet. Throb

Misako-chan prefers to hang up her lolita dresses because with this way she can keep her dresses sleek and well-organized. Throb

The other photos are picked up randomly by me from Google. These rooms and the closets are belong to cute girls out there. Prepare your eyes to look at more cuteness of pink closets! Throb

The key is, make everything visible! It's useful to help you choose and decide your coordinate better, so your overall fashion will be well coordinated. You can match your dress or jumper skirt with the matching socks, bag, wrist cuffs, and other accessories easily.  Love

You don't even need a very big space to manage a Lolita closet like those pictures above! You can maximize your space to keep your Lolita fashion stuff, included the accessories. Can you see how Misako-chan use her window to put her accessories on? It's useful as cute decoration too!  Love

Hang up your clothes is a bright idea to solve any problem of closet space. From those pictures I've found, these cute girls hang up their clothes. You can do it too.  Love

But can we apply that to a basic, non-Lolita clothes?

Of course, we can! Managing your closet is not that difficult, and yes, I'm talking about maximalize the small space too! Find out how to easily do it here, it's a guide for everyone:

You can find a lot of fun ideas here. (^ ^)

Hope it helps!

Have a nice day, everyone.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Etude House Pink Cherry Blossom Play 101 Pencil and All-Over Spray ♡ Sweet Pink Breeze for Spring

Hello, everyone!

How's life? ( ^ - ^ )Love
Today I'll share my review on Etude House Pink Cherry Blossom series.Throb

The spring blossom almost comes to the sunny summer, but everyday has a pink spirit of spring for me, lol. xD
So I think it's not too late for a review.Throb

I purchased these lovelies from Pasar Korea, and as you can see below they're very generous in giving samples! ( ^ o ^ )

And this one feels so special, lol. xD (ps: they're so friendly ^ ^ )Love

So let's move to the review.Throb
The first one is Etude House Pink Cherry Blossom Play 101 Pencil. This is a limited edition of Play 101 Pencil (only 500 sets) for the Pink Cherry Blossom Kit, one of Etude House collections for spring. The packaging box is so cute and lovely, with gradation between pink and blue and some flower decorations.Throb

the back side, with ingredients and the box appearance when we open itThrob

They're so cute!Love
There're 5 gel type-pencils with different colors and textures to play. ( ^ - ^ )
And here is the color with the texture:Love

No. 4, glittery type.Throb
It's very cute when you apply it under your eyes ( ^ - ^ )

No. 62, shimering type.Throb
It has a cute pink color with a bit gold undertone, you can use it as eyebase or eyeshadow. But I think if you blend it too much, the color will dissappear ^^"

No. 41, glittery type.Throb
This brown color looks subtle on my eyelids, but I think it's good if you're looking for a soft look eyeshadow. Don't blend it too much because the color will be disappeared ^^"

No. 49, creamy type.Throb
This true brown is not too dark and texture is so creamy, and it's very pigmented! You can use it as eyeliner ^^

Pink Bon Bon or Pink Bong Bong, glossy type.Throb
The pink color is bright and cute, but you can make it soft since it's a pigmented yet buildable type. You can use it on your cheeks and lips.Love

They have a sweet scent of cherry blossom too.Love
The Pink Bon Bon is my favourite. ( ^ - ^ )
It stays well for good hours in me, even after eating. The other 4 are long lasting too, I think, but on my eyelids  I guess it would be even better if I put some eyeshadow base before applying. People get different skin type, though! ( ^ ^ )

Sorry for the phone shadow ( > < ) lol

And the next one is Pink Cherry Blossom All-Over Spray.Love

200 ml, yay ( ^ o ^ )

It's so sweet fragranced yet gentle, so it's not overpowering. ( ^ ^ )
I really love it that you can spray it not only on your body or clothes, but also on your hair. That's why it's called all-over spray.Love
It can boost your day with warm and romantic fragrance. ( ^ - ^ )

Well, I think that's my review of Etude House Pink Cherry Blossom Play 101 Pencil and All-Over Spray.Throb
I recommend them if you opt for sweet colors for makeup and gently sweet fragrance.Love

I'm really happy tho have these lovely cuties. Have you tried them too? ( ^ ^ )Love
You can share your opinion below.Throb

By the way, thanks for stopping by and reading, hope this review helps. ( ^ - ^ )

Have nice day, everyone!